ASB and the Alliance of Surrey Mediation Services

If you are affected by anti social behaviour the Alliance of Surrey Mediation Services provide help through mediation or coaching. The Alliance covers the whole of Surrey to help those in need.


Mediation is useful if you have a disagreement that is hard to resolve and communication has broken down. Noise, aggressive behaviour, parking and many other neighbourhood problems can be tackled.

Mediation is a step towards a more peaceful life and can even help rebuild normal relations. The mediation process supports individuals by listening to each side, encourages discussions and aims for a solution agreeable to all . The success of mediation in anti social behaviour cases is very high.


Our Alliance Support Coaching project supports people who are suffering the effects of anti social behaviour through offering one-to-one coaching sessions by trained coaches, usually in your home.

The majority of those who used our service last year reported improvements in:

  • Feeling listened to
  • Feeling supported to cope with the situation
  • Feeling confident to deal with the situation themselves
  • Knowing what services are available to help and
  • Feeling able to get on with their lives despite the ASB