What is a Community Protection Notice?

Introduced by the ASB Crime and Policing Act 2014 (PDF), Community Protection Notices (CPNs) are intended to deal with on-going problems of nuisance which have a negative effect on the community's quality of life. The notice will direct the individual, business or organisation responsible to stop causing the problem and it could also require the person responsible to take reasonable steps to ensure that it does not occur again, e.g.

  • An individual who regularly allows their dog to foul in a communal garden
  • A group regularly taking the same route home late at night whilst drunk, making noise and waking their neighbours
  • A takeaway which persistently allows its customers to drop litter on the pavement outside and causes noise nuisance late at night

Breach of a CPN is a criminal offence.

The following organisations can issue Community Protection Notices:

  • Borough and district councils in Surrey, following appropriate internal delegation
  • Surrey Police uniformed officers and PCSOs where authorised
  • Registered Social Landlords, where powers are delegated by the local borough or district council

In Surrey the eleven district and borough based Community Safety Partnerships have agreed a single surrey wide framework (PDF) for the issuing of Community Protection Notices, including a template warning letter (PDF) and template notice (PDF).