How you can help tackle Heritage Crime

  • You can contact Surrey's Historic Environment Record to find out about Heritage Assests in your local area.  Once you know what is in your local area, you can look out for recent activity that might be damaging.
  • If you think a building or site is a designated heritage asset (e.g. a listed building or scheduled monument) contact Historic England to ensure they are aware of any damage that has been caused to the asset. Historic England's local offices may also be able to assist in the case of scheduled monuments.
  • Be prepared to provide a witness statement to the police as part of any formal police action as a result of the incident.
  • If any formal action is taken you may also be asked to provide an impact statement by the police to ensure the full impact of the incident on the community and the heritage value is considered as part of the sentencing.
  • Do you own, or are you the guardian of a local heritage asset? Is there anything which could be done to make the asset secure from any further threats?

101 - National Non-Emergency Number

You should call the police on 101 to report heritage crime and other concerns that do not require an emergency response.  For example:

  • Your property has been stolen or damaged and the suspect is no longer at the scene
  • You suspect unlawful metal detecting is happening in your neighbourhood
  • You need to give the police information about crime or anti social behaviour in your area
  • You want to speak to the police about a crime related general enquiry